I was an officer in the USAF and part of my training involved prisoner of war (POW) training. The theory was that if you were ever captured you should know what being a POW is like. It was a way to prepare for a very challenging possibility. In itself, the time in the pretend POW camp was a visualization. But the better story was told by a POW himself.

During his time in the Hanoi Hilton, this POW imagined playing a round of golf on his home course. Everyday he imagined what the weather was, what the grass looked like, and how he would swing. Everyday he imagined shooting below par. He escaped to this course as a way to deal with the time on his hands. As you can probably guess, when he got home, he went golfing and sure enough he shot under par. He had not touched a club in years but his mind and body went there everyday.

We have this same power if you want to use it. You can wake up and imagine missed deadlines, horrible traffic, and lousy coffee. You will get it.

Or you can imagine easily finishing your projects ahead of time, a close in parking spot open for you, and dining at a wonderful restaurant for lunch as a guest of a friend. You will get it.

The choice is ours to make each day. I choose fun, joy, and laughter.