High…get it!  Dream On, Fly High, and Live Adventurously!

I am going to be on TransformationTalkRadio.com tomorrow at 12 noon Pacific, to expand on this subject and offer you a chance to talk to me. Here is what I know!

In my connections with people just like you, I talk to so many people who are trying to figure out how to make a positive move toward a life that will be better. Realize better is in the eye of the beholder!  What you want may be different than what I want…

So here is a little story…

An older gentleman is walking in a park when he hears a tiny little voice from the ground. Looking under the leaves of the bush nearby, he spies a little frog!

“Help me kind sir!  I am a princess that was turned into a frog and if you kiss me, I will become a princess and grant all your wishes! “

The older gentleman picks up the frog and looks at it while pondering a kiss. In the end, the man puts the frog in his pocket and starts to walk off!

“Kind sir, didn’t you hear me? Why did you put me in your pocket? Don’t you understand that I am a princess?   I can bring you happiness if you kiss me! “

The old man stops and says:  “At my age, I would rather have a talking frog! “

I tell that story because sometimes we think we know what someone else wants only to be surprised.

I don’t know what you want in life but I have endured a number of major changes in my life. The most dramatic was my transition from a macho pilot guy into the beautiful life coach I am today.

What I know for sure is you have a gift and I can help you find it. I help people understand how to change their thinking and I help them find a path to a better life. It takes a little work but I know that if you could have done it yourself, you would have done it by now.

The good news is no matter where you are today, YOU get to decide how it will all end. You get to write the ending of your life story.

So what will you do between now and your transition? What is on your bucket list? How do you want your story to end?

98% of the people that engage a coach find some form of success as they move toward their own goals. Don’t struggle alone and never get to do the things you have been dreaming of!

Join me tomorrow as I talk about the importance of your Attitude, Your Vision, and Your Communication.

Join me at 12 Noon, Pacific Time on TransformationTalkRadio.com!  The Laura Meeks Show.

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