I was in a mastermind class with a dear friend today and this popped into our existence.

Imagine you were at dance school and learning to dance. How would you describe yourself? Are you a student of dance? Now imagine you just graduated? Are you a graduate of dance school now? At what point do you have enough experience to be a “dancer”? Do you have to be in one show, two shows, one professional production, or do you have to get paid to be a dancer? Again, at what point do you say “I am a dancer” when someone asks what you do?

I would contend that the switch occurs when you decide you are a dancer! You could easily say before you ever learn to dance, “I am a dancer”. I know some people (not you!) get caught in the paradigm of proof. Some people require a certificate to prove their status. I don’t share that paradigm.

So while I am in dance school, I am a dancer learning my profession. After graduation I am a dancer gaining valuable experience. Once on Broadway, I am a dancer in a play on Broadway. But I have always been a dancer!

Signed “A thought leader and colleague of Mary Morrissey!”