Why am I working so hard to juggle all these balls?

It seems about the time that I get wrapped up in work and then you add a crisis at home and then someone gets sick; then I start wondering what am I doing?

Car payments, clean the house, whose birthday is it, what do I need for the weekend, when are we going to visit my mom?
All this is part of life but when that is ALL that we do, we lose sight of our purpose.

Do we have a purpose? Why am I here? These are often the questions that we are running from and actively avoid until something major in our life happens. When your parents die, you get a diagnosis, you lose your job; then we wonder.

For me it was the crushing end of a 15 year business I built with my wife. We started with nothing and created a multimillion dollar consulting business. Not bad for a couple of retired Air Force officers.

When it was building it was fun. We had money, travel, and fun challenges. Our big client was getting great help and loved us and our work.
But then stuff happens. People changed, the contract was lost and we swirled into the “badlands”. A 3 year lawsuit took us to the land of negativity and loss. Work was hard to find and we struggled every day. Piece by piece we lost our company and I thought I lost my purpose.
But guess what! When you slow down and stare the question in the face the answers are there.

When I “Googled” the phrase “what is my purpose” I got 642 Million results. Do you think anyone really can tell you? Do I have the answer? No. Not really.

The good news is nobody needs to tell you. The answer is inside YOU! You need to search inside not outside.

This blog and the other 641,999,999 articles can give you ideas but in the end, it is about you figuring out what your gift is and how will you use it.

I believe we all have a special gift. We all have something to bring to this life. The joy is trying, testing, exploring, failing, and trying again.
I love this summary photo as I think it represents my feeling of purpose. You help someone else with the talent you have inside yourself. That equals purpose for me.

So my thought is slow down. Sit by the pool and ask yourself who can you help and how can you do it.

Today! Act now.