Learn how to “sensorize” the visualization process.

In the world of visualization there are as many ways to attack the issue as there are people. Much like meditation, you need to try a bunch of different ways and find the few that really activate the energy in you. You need to find thoughts that resonate.

Last year I took two classes that ended with a project where we created a vision board. The method I used for these boards was more projects based. I listed some of the major areas that I wanted to manifest and then searched for photos  and words that would resonate with those areas. I put a lot of thought into each photo and where it went on the board.

One thing is for sure and that is the connection with my subconscious brain is enhanced by using my eyes (and other senses) to create a connection. I find the more I can engage all my senses the more dramatic the connection.

Last night I attended a class taught by Dale Olansky and Ray Morgovan on visioning. The method they used was new to me and one I found very powerful. I would like to pass the idea on to you.

The first part of the seminar was a vision meditation. During the meditation which lasted about 40 minutes, we listened to calm music and Dale injected key thoughts to guide the meditation.  Although I may not get this word for word, the gist is as follows:

  • Listening and closing our eyes, we first opened our mind to all possibilities. We left all the hustle and bustle of the outside world to the side and relaxed and opened our mind. We concentrated on our body, the chair, and the flow of energy from mother earth, through our feet, up through our body an out the top of our head. Just relax and be open,
  • A few minutes into the meditation, she opened our mind to any and all new possibilities. She injected the idea that instead of filling in the blank of what I thought my vision should be, I could open my mind to any and all new ideas or visions. I thought about health, relationships, vocation, and time freedom. What would I love? What would be exciting? What gives me energy?
  • We meditated for a few more minutes and she opened our mind to experience a stretch. I thought about my vision and what might I do to expand or stretch that vision? What would be the next outrageous level to take this vision to? If I had unlimited skill and money, what would I do with this vision?
  • We meditated for a few more minutes and she opened our mind to experience and become aware of any thoughts or actions that might be blocking our movement toward the vision we have. If I were to try and go to this next level of my vision, what would stop me? What would my fears be? What don’t I have now that I would need to do to get there?
  • We meditated for a few more minutes and she opened our mind to experience what it would feel like if I reached that new level? What would my body feel like? What would my world be like with this new vision fulfilled?  Who would be around me and what would they be feeling?
  • Finally we meditated for a few more minutes and she opened our mind to experience any ideas that are ‘”out of the box” and perhaps new at this point? What might be seemingly unrelated that I need to understand or think about?  What are some ideas that I might not relate to my vision as it exists in my mind that would help me? I just sat there open to any and all ideas.

Then we calmly ended the meditation and started phase 2: creating a vision board.

This time, instead of planning out a projects based board, we took a stack of magazines and this is what we did: (You can do the same thing!)

  1. The organizers stacked 40 or 50 magazines on a table. We looked at the stack of magazines and took 4 or 5 that resonated with us in some manner. The idea was not to think long and hard about the title or subject but just to pick a few. We were to use our intuition or gut feelings to choose the material.
  2. Next we sat down and flipped quickly through the magazines page by page. If we found a photo or a phrase that resonated with our vision, we ripped out the page and put it in a pile in front of us.
  3. After going through 4 or 5 magazines we found a group of information that held the energy of our vision.
  4. We were each given a poster board (about 1 ½ feet by 2 feet), a scissor, and a glue stick. Using these tools, we cut out the photos and words. We arranged them quickly on the page and then we were given the opportunity to explain what we had created.
  5. I found the opportunity to talk further cemented the vision and the power of the vision board.

You can create this on your own if you desire. Find some meditation music and play it. If you need some generic music Pandora has created a channel called “calm meditation” which has continuous meditation music that is great for this exercise. Write down the following on a sheet of paper leaving some room for you to write some comments.

  1. I am open to any and all visions
  2. I allow my mind to stretch and expand my vision
  3. I release any blocking thoughts or actions
  4. I embrace and embody my new vision
  5. I am open to any new ideas

Read the first statement and close your eyes and meditate to the music. Once you feel you have spent an adequate time on the subject, open your eyes and read the second line. Continue this to the end.  From here, take a stack of magazines and follow the vision board exercise and see what you create.

Of the three vision boards I currently have, I find this holds the most energy when I look at it. I believe that by choosing the images and words based on my experience of energy, my vision board holds this energy and can better transfer it back to me as I look at it.