What if it was possible that you could write a story about your life and it became true?  What kind of story would you write?

Would you write a story of a dystopian existence where you survive a nuclear war? Or would you write a love story where you marry Prince or Princess Charming?

I am here today to tell you that in reality, you are writing your story. Every day you wake up and tell yourself how your day is going to go and then it happens.

I know you don’t believe me but it is true…for me. And it can be for you.

Let’s talk about the power of stories.

Recently I have been bingeing on TED talks. If you have not been inducted into TED you need to Google it and watch a few.

Here are two interrelated stories.

The first talk that I listened to was by Alexander MacDonald (see links at the end)  who studied the stories of man going to the moon. What he found was interesting and important when we talk about the power of stories. His conclusion was stories are how humans make progress.

300 years ago when Galileo Galilie looked at the moon through a telescope he discovered it was actually a physical place with mountains and valleys. That sparked a Spaniard named Francis Godwin to write a story of a man inventing a way to harness geese and fly to the moon. You would laugh at this idea yet that was one of the first times in history that someone wrote about man going to moon by something other than magic.

I won’t tell the whole lineage of stories but one of the most influential stories written in that line of stories was written by Jules Verne about three guys that go on a three day flight in a capsule from Florida to the Moon. “From the Earth to the Moon” was written in 1865. Abraham Lincoln was president and we were in the middle of the Civil War.

A little over a hundred years later, we launched 3 guys from Florida in a capsule on a 3 day mission to the moon. We called it Apollo 11.

You see! Stories matter.

All our great ideas are built on previous stories. Often they are our most imaginative stories.

The second Ted Talk I watched was by Sarah Stewart on how the moon was formed. I found this interesting because she points out she created her new theory from what she felt was her biggest mistake. She is a planetary scientist and the puzzle she wanted to solve was “how was the moon created?” Of course we have a lot of theories but the challenge is this. All the current theories revolve around the idea that a bigger planet hit Earth and part of the offending planet broke off and made the moon. The problem is we know now that the earth and the moon are made of the same materials. Again I will let you watch the TED talk yourself but her point was that it was not until she changed her paradigm that planets are spherical that she could craft a solution to the problem.  I have the link below so you can hear her answer. You and I can learn from this as we look at our world and how it works. If we change our paradigms we can make a quantum leap into a new future.

So this is where I put my two and two together.

I was taught through many different teachers and mentors that I was here on Earth to merely survive the experience. You get extra points if you live past 90!

To survive I need to get an education and a good job. I can then support my family and we can comfortably survive in America until I die. Hopefully I live past 90!

But what if that is not true. What if I am here with a purpose and what if I am writing my own story?  Could my old paradigm be wrong?

Just like Jules Verne writing about going to the moon sparked new ideas about life. I read a book that changed my life. The book   was written by a guy named Richard Bach. I was introduced to Richard back in the 70’s when he wrote a popular book about Seagulls. After that he wrote a book that really opened my eyes. That book was “Illusions: the Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah”

You see I am a pilot and I have a passion for flying. So Richard writes a book about a pilot who wants to understand how the world works. In the story, Richard plays himself as a pilot.  As he is flying his antique biplane he meets another pilot only this guy is really different. It turns out he is a “Messiah” and he proceeds to mentor Richard in the ways of how the world really works. He is going to pass on his job as Messiah to Richard. What he teaches Richard is this world is all an Illusion and we are here with the power to write our own story and then live it. What we think about is what happens to us.

It is through this story that I was led to other stories and mentors who believe the same thing and guess what. Like Alexander MacDonald said, stories  lead you to incredible new ideas. This book led me in a new direction. And like Sarah Stewart, if I shed my old paradigms about how my life is unfolding than I can be open to the idea that I am writing my own story. So I believe I am writing my own story and it is coming true.

With that belief, I created a new career, a new positive outlook and incredible new abundance in my life. I have abundant love, passion and resources so I can now help you write your story. I am like Francis Godwin who starts the flow of ideas. I tell my story and from that you take it to a higher level. Who knows, you may be here to write the story of how we solve global warming or how we create world peace. Your story may not have all the answers but if you take my story and build on it, one day we will find ourselves in a whole new beautiful world.

Go out and tell your story! If you want my help, connect to me at Laura@FlyHighLiving.com

Here are the two Ted Talks: