Ok, now that you know what to say at the party, you are free to go!

For everyone else, I ask “ Why do we want to make a resolution anyway? “

Well, mainly because we are human and we like to start projects at the beginning. The new year is a new beginning so it is natural that we want to make changes in our life and this is one of the best times.

One thing I find interesting about this list is that “enjoy life to the fullest” is number four? Really?

If you make that number one, the rest will be part of a great life!

As a life coach and an avid student of personal development, I love the first of the year. It is actually something that I plan for starting around Thanksgiving. Why? Because I believe that we are creating our lives by the thoughts and actions we take.

Number one best technique to have a good year!

Plan your biggest and most important events first.

Many of you may not have heard of this analogy so I will tell it now. Imagine you have a pile of rocks, pebbles, sand and some water. These represent the importance of the tasks you have in the year ahead. The rocks are the most important and the water the least important. If I ask you to put them all in a big jar, what will you put in first?

It may or may not be obvious but if you put the big rocks in first, then the pebbles, then the sand and finally the water, you can get the most stuff in the jar. This would be a full and exciting year for you!  Sadly when it comes to our daily lives we really don’t approach it this way.

What happens is we get to our desk and check our email (sand and water tasks). We fill up our jar each day with the little stuff and then at the end of the year we realize we never worked on our college degree, or wrote that book, took that vacation, or found that soul partner we are dreaming of!  We realize too late that you can’t get many big rocks in the jar if you start with sand.

But!  If you put your big rocks in first it all works out. Schedule your vacations, schedule time to write your book , take kite surfing lessons and go on that date;  then all the other little tasks can fill in the empty space.


Makes sense?  An advanced technique that I just got done working on was I buy a wall size calendar of the whole year. It is about 2 feet by 4 feet. It is plastic so I can use erasable markers. In December I schedule the major events of the following year on the calendar. These are often my dreams.

So for the first time in 40 yrs I am scheduling Oshkosh (AirVenture) on my calendar. It is the biggest gathering of pilots and aircraft ever. I have always wanted to go but in the old system I would get to May and find out tickets and hotels are impossible to reserve. Time off from work would normally be used up and so I just never went.

This year I booked a hotel a year in advance and blocked out the last week in July as my time to attend!

What is important to you in 2017? What are your big rocks?  Will you plan to accomplish your dreams or are you working on your excuses instead?

Love to all,

Laura J