We should all read this book…”Dream On” by Laura Meeks

When a person has done something remarkable in their life and then they describe in easy-to-read language how they did it, I pay attention.  The reason we should all read this book is because Laura Meeks writes from experience:  She tells her story and then shows us that we, too, can achieve the same kind of success in life, simply by following her strategies.  I can tell you from my experience, she’s right.

– Mary Morrissey
Speaker, Teacher, Coach


So where do I start?

After leaving a career in sales and shutting down a small business I was at a point where I felt stuck in my life.  I realized the dreams I wanted for myself but just couldn’t get out of the slump I had fallen into.

Turning to Laura for guidance and help was the God send I needed.  Working with her and from her book and work book helped me to fully understand where I was and where I wanted to be not only giving me ideas on how to prioritize my dreams but also to set my life back on track.

Attending her seminar was such a wonderful experience as there were so many others like myself who were there to either make changes in their life or just looking for help with the positive spin they needed in their life.

Laura shared some of her own personal life changing a decisions that brought her where she is today as well as had a couple of very fun exercises that were a big help in opening up to yourself and others about dreams and life goals.

Laura Meeks is truly the life coach that can help you realize dreams and both guide and support working towards those dreams!!

Susan Schroeder