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I know…. To you and me it seems unthinkable but imagine how many times in our lives we have had a sudden realization that changed how we viewed some situation.  You are totally powerless and lost then BING!  You become aware of the way out and it is easy … follow the yellow brick road!

How about thinking you are going to drown in the water only to realize you can stand up!  Happened to me inner tubing on the Apple River!

Your car won’t start, you look at the engine, can’t find a reason, you think it is going to cost thousands of dollars….when someone asks how much gas is in the tank?

Your internet is out. You check all your settings, you ask IT dept, you restart your computer…can’t get the internet!!! Mad as heck you call the cable company and they ask you if the cable is plugged into your computer. Opps! How did that get disconnected?

For me, the awareness that I am in control of my experience of life was one of those moments. I was big on the idea that life is what happens to me after I get up in the morning. I knew I could try and make good choices and I could set goals but I felt a lot of what happened was random.

Then I was made aware of the idea that my thinking was producing the results that were occurring and that if I changed my thoughts, I changed my life!  What? Can that be true?

Mary Morrissey uses an example of two people who experienced a wild fire here in California. The newscaster was interviewing the first person as they were looking at their house after it burnt down. “How do you feel? “

“Our life is horrible. Everything we owned was in that house and it is all ashes. What will we do?”

The newscaster then goes up the street and asks the next couple about how they felt now that their house had burned down as well.

“We are so happy!  Everyone we love made it out of the house. Our pet dog got out as well. Yes, our stuff is gone but that can be replaced. We are so thankful that the people are safe. We can rebuild the house.”

Just the way these two people approached this issue of their house burning down would dramatically affect their daily lives and how the world would unfold in front of them. One will experience struggle and heartbreak. The other will overcome quickly and find something good happened because of the fire. It is in the thinking.

I now pay attention to my inner thinking or my “self talk”. Am I upbeat, positive, caring, and loving to myself? Or am I berating myself for being stupid, thoughtless, harsh, and cruel?

Be aware!  Next time you are driving, think about what you are thinking about! Just for a few minutes. It may surprise you. Are you replaying some horrible conversation that happened or are you dreaming of your next vacation?

Are you a negative thinker stuck on the escalator of life wondering when help will arrive?

With love,