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As a certified Life Coach, Laura Meeks can help you reignite your passion for life and help you to live a life you would love. Laura is the author of “Dream On! Timeless Strategies for Reigniting Your Passion for Life”. Her book is a summary of ideas on how to make changes in your life. Laura offers inspiring workshops to sold-out audiences around the country. She re-ignites lives by providing transformational, in-depth coaching programs that help her listeners.
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Diversity training is an important part of business culture and many states now require this training. Laura brings her unique perspective as a person who has lived as a male career military officer and pilot as well as a successful business woman and coach. If anyone can answer your questions on diversity, she can and you will have fun while in the discussion!

Whether it’s a short 10-minute talk, a “Lunch & Learn” training, or a motivating keynote speech – your group, organization, or company will be ignited by this content, and will THANK YOU for bringing this material to them.

Laura will provide you an overview of how her programs can impact and make a difference for your group. From simple keynote speeches to the very powerful Vision Workshop; where Laura delivers half-day training for your organization, bringing together your management team and top performers.

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