Our big dreams are like a child – we need to protect them at all costs.  We have a responsibility to them – to nurture and protect them, so that they can grow, thrive and help sustain our incredible dream life.  – Remy Gervais

Remember your last great idea?  Poof…it enters your brain and you think “WOW!”  That is a great idea. The more you think about it the more it sounds important. So at lunch you tell this brainchild of a dream to your best friend and he says, “no way, that will never work!”


It’s gone. It’s over. Dream Stolen Again 🙁

Protect your dreams from the Dream Stealers!  How?  Think carefully before you share a great idea. Share them with people who will encourage you and help you refine your dreams. More importantly, be that person that encourages others when they dream. They will return the favor 🙂