Project Description

Flying High is to me a metaphor for being truly free and happy in your own life and in your own circumstances.  It’s shaking off that gravity, that fear, that safer path for something that is more fulfilling, more enjoyable and more rewarding.

It’s doing the work – I won’t call it hard, because it is joyful work – but it does take effort and it can be uncomfortable.

In Dream On we learned the basic tools needed to get started on your flight to the future you love. We figured out our destination and we started flying toward it.

When we Fly High, we focus our effort and take your life to higher altitudes.

Fly High builds on your vision, on your destination, on your dream. Once you get your Dream On, we can steer directly toward it using power tools.

What you will learn:

Setting your intention – intention helps you live your life “on purpose” and with direction toward your dream. Intention is paying attention to the things we do and our reactions to life. From an internal viewpoint, we can then make intentional changes. For example I have sampled my reaction to watching the nightly news on television and found that the stress and the drama was causing me to worry about things I had little control over. From this data, I intentional changed my life by turning off the news and only reading a few news summaries to be aware of the world around me. Setting intentions informs you as well as the universe about the direction you want to go. Intention is about choosing a course of action you desire.

Creating better health – you want to be as fit as you can be to enjoy as much of life as you can. Aligning your thinking with your vision of health is essential to achieving your dream. Being in harmony with your body and planning a healthy peaceful day are necessary steps to this end. Learning about stress and how you can mitigate it improves your health. Understanding the mind and body are connected and work together allows us to better understand the need to build a positive outlook on life. We are surrounded by information from the study of quantum physics which documents this mind body connection. This area is about nurturing your body through the right thoughts, the right foods, the right people and the right environment.

Becoming a person of Increase – This is about becoming aware of abundance, learning to stretch, visioning your next level and mastering the law of circulation to help you to cement your dream and make it a reality. Abundance is often tied to dollars or monetary wealth. But abundance is in all four areas of life. You need a balance of resources, loving relationships, health, and freedom to pursue your personal goals. Often our subconscious mind and our model of how the world works blocks our ability to reach our goals. We want to learn how to train this subconscious mind. The law of circulation is part of this arena and here we learn that to get a lot you have to give a lot. We discuss what that can mean for you!

Manifesting your dream means turning your thoughts into things.  It is about learning to feed your faith and starve your fears. With all that we have learned so far, we find we are all human. We have fears and worries and how we handle these issues in critical to our success. We learn to have fear without fear having us!

How we view the world is part of this lesson. Einstein said this; The most important question you can ask is “Is the universe a friendly place?”. Understanding and possibly changing the views we have been taught is important. These are fundamentals of Flying High.   We also learn that gratitude is on the frequency of abundance and we will help you tune in that frequency.     

Love is essential to Flying High. You will expand your abilities in building loving relationships. You will learn and expand your ability in forgiveness. How we support those we love and how we receive love from others is in this arena. Love is what life is about. Those that faced death on 9/11 didn’t pick up their phones to call a broker and sell some stock. They all called those they loved to share what love they had left. Loving others in deep relationships is a universal constant. Ram Dass said that even the meanest prisoners in Sing Sing prison want to have love. They just have a messed up way of finding it. We want to get good at finding and sharing love.

Finally we tackle getting good at making transformations. It is essential to become a vibrational match to your future self and we learn how to do that.  In this arena we learn the five steps to developing consciousness. We learn the power of giving in all areas of life. We learn that to have the life you envision, you are going to have to become someone different. Being a new person means investigating who that person will become. It is also about releasing the old you in favor of the new you.

Fly High is a deep dive into the laws and the abilities you need to sustain a life at high altitude. Each of the six areas takes a month of work to crystallize into your mind and body. Fly High is for people ready to experiment with their highest capacities for growth. This is for those that want the deepest relationships, the biggest sales, and the best health. It is for those that want to experience all that life has for them!