Project Description

Change is a wonderful constant in our life. It happens whether or not we want it to happen. I have learned that it is always better to choose your change than to let the world choose for you. That is the basis of my coaching. Let’s choose.

I spent a lot of time flying airplanes and flight training starts with learning about where you want to go. Pilots who fly high don’t just jump in a plane and takeoff like you might in a car. Flying has many more dangers and good pilots plan their flight so that all arrive safely at the destination! I like to use these ideas as we build a life filled with fun.

Life has many challenges as well so it takes some fore thought. In the world of sailing ships it is said “If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.” — Lucius Annaeus Seneca.  That means that if you don’t know where you are going, there is no way to set your sails to capture the wind and go in one particular direction. You will be lost at sea!

So in flight operations we start by strapping into the plane. This is my metaphor for getting started. When flying, you first preflight and then strap into your plane. You get ready to fly and a big part of getting ready is creating your flight plan.

In the Air Force, we used to say “Plan the Flight, and Fly the Plan”. The wisdom of this is making sure you have everything it takes to get to your planned destination and then when you get in the air, don’t go changing the plan. Unlike cars, you can’t pull over and ask someone for directions. Airplanes are very unforgiving if you make a mistake and running out of gas means a potential crash.

So the first goal in Fly High Living is to strap in and pick a destination. Your destination is your dream. The beauty of living your life is that you can actually choose your own destination. We live in a world that tells us that the right thing, the smart thing, is to keep our heads down and trudge along.  Be sensible.  Be responsible.  For some vague, undefined reason that has something to do with us staying safe, or at least staying quiet enough not to be inconvenient. We are encouraged to embrace the humdrum and to marry the mundane.  Contrary to parents and teachers, the safe, reliable, boring path is not usually the path to a rewarding, fulfilling, enjoyable, and adventurous life.

Building a dream is simple but not easy. For that reason, my ability to help you is increased when I use the most tested and reliable course materials I can find. I didn’t create the systems; others have great talent in this area. I collaborate and coach from this material using my bountiful life experiences to guide and mentor you. I reflect and discuss ideas and how you can use them to achieve your goals and dreams.  These are the tools I use in my own work so I have personal knowledge and understanding. I show you how I used the tools in accomplishing all the magnificent dreams I have followed.

Your first flight lessons are accomplished with me guiding you through DreamBuilder, a 12 week course in honing your vision, testing your vision and taking off on your first flight.

When we build a house, we have to learn how to use a saw, a hammer, and at times more sophisticated tools. Learning to make positive life altering changes is the same. We have tools that help us and we need to learn how they work.

In this course we concentrate on three main areas.

  1. Flight Planning: Picking our dream destination and refining it.
  • You will learn about the four domains of life and I will help you define your dreams in each of these areas.
  • We will learn the five point test so you know you have a good dream to work toward. We don’t want you flying in a box canyon!
  • We learn how to ask quality questions that will help us take appropriate action on our way to our dream. We don’t want to spin into the ground and crash!
  1. Airwork: Basic skills and maneuvers as well and dangers to avoid.
  • In this area we learn how to release fear, worry, doubt, and unworthiness.
  • We learn to find the gold in every adversity and use that to fly high.
  • We explore how to raise your level of deservedness and increase your confidence and self worth.
  1. And finally we work on climbing to altitude where we can Fly High.
  • In this final area we learn to focus and take action on our dreams. Without action we are just making wishes. It is entertaining but not productive. We want results and change to occur. We learn to listen to our inspired mind for guidance.
  • We learn about the Universal Laws and how to use them to get in the flow rather than using force to make things happen. Given the chance, the universe wants us to grow with ease and grace.
  • We learn to collaborate to achieve the highest results. Great minds working together can achieve more than one.

For many people, this first flight or experiment in change opens up a whole new world. Over the years we have been told not to expect great things. Our lives will never be great! We are told we don’t have the skills, the education, the money, the creativity to achieve our dreams.

Dream On means to acknowledge that while we may be in a certain place in life and not know how to get to where we want to be or where we need to be; we do still have that dream and we aren’t going to quit until we make it our reality.

The good news is you now have a mentor, a champion, an encourager, a compassionate and skilled instructor pilot to safely take up in the air and see what it looks like. We will discuss and fly the airplane together until you get a feeling you can do it on your own. I will guide you to find your passions, your unique gifts, or your voice. Dreams are inside you and we can find them. You will connect to your dreams and create a vision that will allow you to SOLO: to fly on your own!

Once you get comfortable with the vision, we dive into the training and learn the skills that will take you on your first live adventure.

Dream On will change your life. Feel the excitement, the thrill of positive changes and results. You will remember how energizing it can be to see a vision and believe in your future. You will reconnect to the fun of learning and experimenting with this thing called life.

As a kid I loved trying to learn what my older brother already could do. Walking, riding a bike, or swimming…it all was a fun challenge. That same fun exists now as an adult. You will see how great this feels again!