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January 31, 2018
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Gain Momentum – Never Quit

Laura is happy to share her thoughts with you in this section. From her experience to your mind, you get a free source of ideas that can improve the quality of life you are living, right now! Many of her ideas she discusses on the radio are here as a written record for your review. Please share these thoughts with all those you love.
  • Truth: You Create Your Life Story

    What if it was possible that you could write a story about your life and it became true?  What kind of story would you write? Would you write a story of a dystopian existence where [...]

  • Write the Ending to Your Life Story!

    High…get it!  Dream On, Fly High, and Live Adventurously! I am going to be on tomorrow at 12 noon Pacific, to expand on this subject and offer you a chance to talk to me. [...]

  • laura-meeks-blog-new-years-resolution-1920

    Top 4 New Year’s Resolutions: Story of Big Rocks

    Ok, now that you know what to say at the party, you are free to go! For everyone else, I ask “ Why do we want to make a resolution anyway? “ Well, mainly because [...]

Boost Your Engines

Fly High Living is a flying analogy and a way to look at life. One of the things I love about flying is that it can be a cold and rainy day on the ground but I can get in my jet and fly high. When I do, every day is a sunny day above the clouds. Every day is beautiful. Every day is hopeful. Every day is a new adventure sharing things I have not seen before.

Laura Meeks makes your job easy! Why wait to improve your LIFE? Join the THOUSANDS+ who dare to DREAM and then ACT!


Fly High Coaching

As a certified Life Coach, Laura Meeks can help you reignite your passion for life and help you to live a life you would love. Laura is the author of “Dream On! Timeless Strategies for Reigniting Your Passion for Life”.

Laura offers inspiring workshops to sold-out audiences around the country. She re-ignites lives by providing transformational, in-depth coaching programs that help her listeners.

Contact Info

Palm Springs, CA

Phone: 1.888.666.1570

Web: Fly High Living

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Laura Meeks is a fun, evocative, and enthusiastic speaker who delights in presenting inspirational talks to groups of all sizes.

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