My intense 2 year study of Metaphysics has been a joy and a wonderful change in my life. Those that have traveled this path know what I mean. New found awareness, the return of joy to my life, relationships that deepen and health to do what I want.

So imagine my surprise as new movies are bringing this information to so many that have not heard this message in a way or a language they can understand.

What better way than through a graphic novel turned into a movie! I might share metaphysical ideas at a dinner party but it won’t make sense until you really see it come to life in 3D!

Here is one idea from the movie. There are many more I will comment upon.

Lesson 1: Let go of your EGO.

Dr Wayne Dyer refers to the ego as Edging God Out!  In other words, as humans on Earth, some think that all you see and touch is all there is. In this scientific world we have crafted, we have edged god out of the picture. They cry out “don’t woo us with thoughts of higher powers.”  We know this is all we get.

Spoiler alert: this rarely works!

So the movie starts out with Benedict Cumberbatch playing the part of Dr. Stephen Strange. Much like his role as Sherlock Holmes, he is the epitome of EGO. In this movie he is so confident; he takes a bullet out of a brain freehand!  Especially for the guys in my audience, it is hard not to love his bravado. He is smart, he has unlimited confidence and one really cool car!

But here is the catch. In a car accident, he loses use of his hands and thus his powers. Even with a super ego and all his money he cannot solve this challenge. He is at the EGO dead end.  Then, of course, he is open to learning a new way.

The new way is to use the power of the mind: metaphysical power. Of course a person stuck in ego and logic cannot see this path as viable. It is not science, it is not tangible. We all cross this chasm of thinking.

Stephen Strange is introduced to “the ancient one” who kindly takes him on an out of body experience to prove to him the presence of other forces. He is shocked as his ego would never have let him become aware. The rest of the story is a fantastic movie.

My point here is to emphasize the power of the EGO and how limiting it is in the end. My experience shows there are other forces at play and you can train yourself to use them.

I will warn you that I have never experienced a life changing out of body experience like Dr. Stephen Strange experienced. I have meet people who have and read numerous accounts of others who have experience these events.

My experience is that one must at least get to the spot where you are open to new ideas AND you must ask to see the information.  Often, in our Earthly experience, we have to become  as desperate as he is before we change. (hint: it is easier to start earlier!) The EGO is very powerful. The ability to see new ideas for most of us comes at this dead end.

But be ready when you get there. Nobody named “the ancient one” will gift you the proof and take you on a ride that proves to your ego that there is more.  Normally you just are ready to give up. You have tried all that the ego has to say and it didn’t work. Only then is the student ready to listen. Your answer will arrive when you to ask to connect.

Somebody once said “Ask, and you shall receive”.

Are you ready?