Joyful Living? Do I deserve to find joy?  Will it matter to me or others? Will the world change if I am happy today?

I was born with the desire to understand. Like most, I love the question “why”?  Why does the sun come up in the east? Why do you have to say a prayer before you eat? Why do we drive on the right side of the road? Why?

That quest naturally gets expanded as you live life. Is there a God? What is truth? Do I deserve to find joy?

The answer I found to all these questions is that I must look into my mind and not “out there”. I love the discussions we have in our family about science and can you “prove” the answers or can you just believe? What is faith and isn’t your belief in science based on faith that science works?

So my answer to myself is Yes!  I do deserve to find joy. Yes, it matters to me and others a lot! Yes, the world will change if I am happy because those around me will become happy as well. What is your answer?