Well, if you are still reading this, you know the title is not true for you! You are intuitive.

It has been a wonderful 2016 so far and I attribute that to a change in my thinking.  I have worked hard on trying to see the best in what happens to me. I no longer get irritated at people when they do “interesting” things. My life is better for this change. So let’s think about dreams.

I come across so many people that know they don’t have dreams!

I say “hogwash”.  <grin>

I would suggest that the dreams are in you but you have let the circumstances of life hide them from view. I am a believer in the statement that “we are not given dreams unless we can accomplish them.”  The tools will arrive and the circumstances will change as you pursue your dreams.

Usually this happens when you get supremely concerned with the how of your dreams rather than the what!

How can I become a rock climber? How can I earn money being a radio announcer?  How would I pay my bills if I crochet things?  The realists in your life (or your mind) prove the folly of following your dreams. Sad. Listen to yourself. Are you thinkng about the how? 

The trick to dreaming is to concentrate on the what. What do you love?

So as you are standing in line at the cable store waiting for your number to be called, ask yourself:  “What do I love?”   Do I like outdoors things, do I like movies, do I like pizza?  What do you like?  Follow those thoughts until you start getting a clear idea of what you like and that will lead you to what you love. Once you find out what you love, you can aim for it!

I know it sounds too simple, right? I know what I like! Really. Can you write your likes down?

Do you like certain colors better than others? Do you like certain foods better than others?  What kind of friends would really make your week go by with a sense of fun?  Learn about your likes and loves. They will lead you to a clear idea of why you are here and what your gift to the world is.

I was lucky enough to be advised to follow my dreams while in college but many of us don’t learn this until retirement forces the question.

Recently I received the alumni magazine from my alma mater. Inside it was a story written by a student by the name of Maya Makino.  Like many of us, she was studying practical things that might get her a job. And like many of us, it was not fun, maybe even work to study these subjects. Over the summer between her freshman and sophomore year she worked with little kids. They really inspired her sense of play and art.

Switching some of her fall classes around, she found great joy in Art 201: drawing. That inspired her to get interested in her poetry class with a passion. Suddenly she became passionate about her study in art and creative writing.  School returned to being important and fun.

Here is what she states in the article:  “I have realized that if I spend my college years struggling through a major I don’t love, chances are it will land me a job that I don’t love. I would rather cut to the chase by going right for the subjects I am passionate about.”

Alan Watts puts it this way:  “If you say that getting the money is the most important thing, you will spend your life completely wasting your time. You’ll be doing things you don’t like doing in order to go on living, that is, to go on doing things you don’t like doing, which is stupid.”

So steal a bit of time each day to ask yourself :

 “Do I like this or am I doing this for somebody else?  What do I really like?”

Then you will start to find your real dreams.

If you are breathing, it is not too late to head for your dreams.

Love to all,