I Believe in You!

I have a friend who is at the end of the rope. She is days away from running out of money and thinks she has nowhere to go. Life can look dark when you are lost in this survival mode.

So I pondered how to help.

Sure money might get her through another day or two but then she is back at the start. Yes, she needs a roof over her head and a safe place to be. All of that is true. I know what she really needs. She needs a friend that believes in her.

“Your mind is your prison when you focus on your fear” – Tim Fargo

This brave woman is well educated, has realized wealth in her past, hit a deep valley in life and wonders “why me?”

The real question is “how can I help others with this?”

I too have been in the valley and we craft these issues for ourselves so that we can experience life in a particular way.

We come to this land of time and space to experience life. Neale D. Walsch wrote a children’s story where he tells the story of one little soul who wants to experience forgiveness. Her best friend volunteers to do something challenging to her when they get to Earth so her friend will have something to forgive. Hugging before they arrive, she says remember it is me, your friend, that did the deed you need so you can forgive. It is my gift to you.

Those you perceive as the enemy volunteered to help you.

My gift is the belief that she has all she needs to survive and thrive. I promise to stand by and remind her that she is loved and she has the power to continue. She has the tools in her hand. She can build a strong future. She came to bring her gift to this world and part of that is her story of recovery and learning to love. It is going to be a best seller.

I believe in her. Love Laura