Five C’s Blog

I am constantly struck by the number of similarities between the flying world and the coaching world.  Which is why it’s pretty easy to look to my past career to inform my current one. One of the biggest sets of rules that I have run into recently seems to consistently remind me of what a treasure trove of wisdom flying is (and why I still love to do it after all these years) are the Five C’s.  The Five C’s are something all pilots know (or should know) by heart, though I’ll be honest, Sometimes it’s hard to remember them all.

Pilots sometimes get lost.  Even with all the instrumentation that we have in airplanes now it still happens.    Since I just passed my commercial glider check ride I have been reminded of the Five C’s of getting lost in the air. It struck me how important they are in building your dreams and living your life to the fullest.

When a pilot feels lost in the air we use this memory device:

Confess- Admit you are lost.  You’ll never get where you need to go otherwise!

Climb- Get as much altitude as you can for a better perspective.

Conserve- Don’t waste your fuel (energy).

Communicate- Call for help.  Don’t think you can or should solve everything by yourself.

Comply- Follow the directions you get from the tower.  Once you have a plan, work the plan!

Some of these are probably intuitive, or so you may think, some are not… But all are important steps and lessons to learn as you navigate your life and your journey to unlocking your true self.  Over the next few days, I’m going to go over the Five C’s and show you how they can help you build your dream or improve your life.  For now, what do the Five C’s mean to you?  Can you see how they could inform your journey? Which do you think apply to your life?