I am on the freeway and all is good until there is a shake and a shimmy then a bang!

Now I ask the critical question? How is your day going?

For most of us this is a defining moment in our day and in our life! For most of us, this is the nature of our life. All was fine until something strikes out of the blue and bam… our day, our week, our year is shot.

I grew up with a guy who said “life is a bitch then you die!” This was not unusual for those that survived the depression. They grew up in an era where there was very little too be had. Life was a struggle in most cases and it would be easy for most that survived to feel this way.

But underneath this feeling is a philosophy or a paradigm. This is your core way of looking at life and your situation. How you react to life is based on this paradigm. What you experience is a result.

If your belief is life is hard, cruel and capricious then when you hear the bang you instinctively know that bad things are coming again. That is the norm and what is expected. That is what you get; bad stuff.

On the other hand, if you have a core belief that life is good, abundant, growing and fun then the bang is unusual and the start of an adventure not yet experienced.

The pessimist experiences being stuck on the highway, a long wait for the tow truck, missing an important meeting and misery.

The other person experiences wonderful people stopping to help, a ride to the gas station, a tow guy who goes out of his way to help, and a staff person who takes the meeting and briefs you when you get to the office! Life is good!

What I have learned is the choice is up to us. We are not leaves blowing in the wind. Life is not happening to us but rather we are living life on our terms.

Many of you will see this as fluffy talk that puts me out of touch with reality. You know in your gut I am wrong and your world sucks. I agree your world in not fun, but I would say that the person not living in reality is you! You have a choice and I choose a life of peace and prosperity filled with adventures. It is so much better than what you have chosen.

I know that to you it seems like you have no choice. Stuff happens and that is your truth. You have a lifetime of examples to prove it. But you are wrong 

Wayne Dyer spent a lifetime helping people learn that you are what you think! Your thoughts are what steer your life. You can learn to control your thoughts and you can live a life you love. Easy to understand but takes some learning, practice and support to achieve. I am here to help 