Ways you can FLY HIGH in your life with Laura’s help!

Have you ever felt like you were grinding out each day? You got an education, you got a job, you got married, and you had kids. You did as you were told. Life is safe and for you its just more of the same. Now it’s New Year’s Eve and your only big wish is to lose some weight and take two weeks in Cancun to try and forget you have to come back to work?

It is said that some people “live one year 90 times” and others “live for 90 years.” I want to be in that second group. I know there is a creative, passionate, adventurous life out there for me. It is there for you as well. I have seen it!

I have faced the grind a number of times in life. As a kid lying in a field near our home, I first thought “there has to be more than this!”  Periodically though my life, I have found myself asking that question over again.  Probably the worst answer I heard was “life is a grind, accept it! Life is tough, grind it out.”

My answer:  NO WAY!

Now I know how to build a dream and follow it.
I can teach this to you!

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The Flight Plan for Life is a great way to get to know how Laura works and come out with a plan and foundation for your next chapter that won’t break the bank!

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Dream On – Fly High – Live Adventurously Coaching

We can work together in a way that fits into YOUR life. Choose the longer 13-week program where we go through all 3 steps to Dream On, Fly High, and Live Adventurously, or let’s just take it session by session to start building YOUR DREAMS today.

  • Vision Building: how to plan your flight by building a vision of your destination. Nobody takes off without knowing where they are going!
  • Systems of change: When we fly airplanes we learn how the systems work. Life follows certain laws and we learn how to use them to get to our destination.
  • Dangers and challenges: When we fly we learn to predict bad weather and avoid it. In life we need to learn what holds us back and slows us down. Then we can change course and reach our dreams.
  • Setting your intention – intention helps you live your life “on purpose” and with direction toward your dream.

  • Creating better health – you want to be as fit as you can be to enjoy as much of life as you can.

  • Becoming a person of Increase – This is about becoming aware of abundance, learning to stretch, visioning your next level and mastering the law of circulation to help you to cement your dream and make it a reality.

  • Manifesting your dream means turning your thoughts into things.  It is about learning to feed your faith and starve your fears.

  • Love is essential to Flying High. You will expand your abilities in building loving relationships.

  • Finally we tackle getting good at making transformations. It is essential to become a vibrational match to your future self and we learn how to do that.

  • Personal attention-parts of this program are one on one, for focused, precise knowledge and planning specific to your flight plan.

  • Connection to other like minded people:  I have found that when you get a group of people at this high flying level, you get added power of  the Master Mind.

  • Develop your mental faculties to incredible heights.

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