Listen to this and see if you are in this paragraph:

[A story based on the true events about feeling that time is running out and how I and my friends, “The Chicks in Charge” fight to take back our lives and discover if we are strong enough to face fear, depression a failed marriage, abandoned dreams and cancer! ]

I found this on . It is a web site written by a woman who faced her midlife crisis by learning to fly!  As a life long pilot and someone who built a flight simulator in my basement, I love  stories like this.

What strikes my interest is we all face issues like these. The question is how are we supposed to deal with real issues like this and what lies ahead?  Do you have to jump out of a plane, bungee jump, or learn to fly?  All are great teachers but not necessary in my book to deal with life. I do think what is telling about her description of the book is the words “time is running out”.  She was in mid-life and time was running out!

Remember when you were a kid and your birthday was over. The thought that you had to wait one year for the next birthday seemed like so far away you might never reach it. Now that I am a lot older, a year seems to fly right by. Kids I knew as babies are now graduating from college. My brother’s daughter who I carried on my shoulders a few (?) years ago just got her drivers license?  Time does fly by.

My step father ran his own business and decided to work until he was 70 in order to save up for retirement. We all seem to live longer these days!  Just before he retired his loving wife died suddenly of a heart attack. They had been planning for years to travel together after he retired. They were going to follow the trail of the civil war along the southern U.S. coast then up the east coast. After she died he decided to take that trip any way. But guess what:  he found no fun in the travel.  Somewhere around Virginia he decided to return home.

His advice:  Take time with your wife while she is alive! Live now, follow your dreams.  He learned a lesson the really hard way.

I take that to heart each day I wake up.

Live now. Follow  your dreams.  

Thought you would write a book? Do it now. Thought you would cruise the Mediterranean? Book the cruise now. Want a garden? Plant it now!

With Love, Laura