I found this on www.8womendream.com: number five on a list of strategies for dreaming big 5. For fun, eat dessert first. Every once in a while, defy order.  Stir things up.  Create a little controversy.  Break routine and stretch to see things from a different perspective.  Remember, our lives and dreams should always be  “a game worth playing”.

To date myself I quote a Pink Floyd Song “you can’t have yer puddin if you don’t eat yer meat”.  So many rules that we are taught as kids. They do make parental sense but later in life we need to understand what that internal script is doing to our life. Just like “keep your feet on the ground” is meant to tie you to reality. But I also know that after a life of following the rules you can get stuck in the rut. You work so hard to be good and play by the rules that you forget how to play. Sometimes you need to shake up the rules. Eat dessert first. Try it at your next meal. It feels good 🙂 If anything it will make your kids laugh.