I had the real pleasure this weekend to attend DreamBuilder Live 2015. If you ever get the chance: GO! It is the best weekend seminar I have EVER attended.

Mary Morrissey is a master DreamBuilder and a delight to listen to. She exposed me to a plan to not only build on or find your dream,  but then to actually move into it and make it your Life. The weekend is filled with “gold nuggets”. These are realizations or “aha” moments.

This seminar also includes actual exercises with others that attend the program. These exercises take the material from interesting thoughts to actual working concepts. You don’t just get wise thoughts but you put thoughts into practice. It allows you to cement the ideas in place so you can take them home.

One of my gold nuggets? The four steps to make your dream come true. Stay the course, face the storm, do it afraid, and Go for the dream. The presentation of this concept is a wonderful surprise which I won’t reveal but the nugget is you have to take action and work toward your dream every day. You often do this when you are scared to do it, but you go anyway. You face the challenge and get to your dream!

I have plans to work with Mary this year. She is a leader in this field of study.

Laura 🙂