How do I know I have found my dream?  This is a great question! 

Think about all you have researched and concentrated on to find your dream. You have toured homes, you have read magazines, searched with Google, you have talked with others. Do you have a good idea of what your dream is? I bet you do. But how can you really know this is the dream you should pursue?

The answer is in your heart and not in your mind!  Read this quote and see if it clears the fog.

“It is very easy when you understand that moment; when you are doing something and you don’t want to be anywhere else, with anybody else, doing anything else.  That’s the moment you understand that what you are doing is what you love, what you need. It is so easy then.”

-Luca Bertossio

Your dream is detected when you feel these feelings.  When you are with your soul mate you don’t want to be anywhere else. When you are hiking in the forest or canoeing on a northern lake. When you sit down at your desk or you are on the job and you feel like this. That is living in your dream.

Not there yet? Then keep looking. As you look, stop and imagine what it would be like. If you get a tiny bit of this kind of feeling you are heading in the right direction. If you feel dead when you think about it, turn 🙂

So who is this sage of wisdom?  Amazingly he is 25 years old and a competitive sailplane pilot. What I love about dream hunting is that we all have a dream smoldering inside us. Some release it early and others struggle longer to find the fire of passion. But it is inside us all.

I took this quote from “Sport Aviation Magazine” and it reminds me that people in all walks of life are sharing this message every day. I look for these messages so that I can pass them on here on my blog. They are in cooking magazines, they are in business journals, they are in songs, and they are in movies. This message is near you. Look for it.

As I read I was amazed at how his story fits so many of the principals of dream building. One principal is “you don’t know the path”.  I was taught that my job is to build the vision clearly and the world will work to make my dream come true. As a pilot I always want to plan the flight in detail but with dreams you just concentrate on the destination.

Luca tells of his quest to compete in aerobatic sailplane competition but he reached a point where he needed a top line aircraft to fly. He didn’t have the money but he knew the plane he needed. As he was traveling he met a hang glider pilot named Andrea Galluzo who believed in him.  The story is amazing but I will shorten for you.[ full story in Sport Aviation Magazine, July 2015] Andrea believed in Luca and when he found out he needed a Swift S-1 sailplane, Andrea bought him one. This would be a good story if you knew that Andrea was some rich philanthropist but in reality he was not. Luca states “ here is this guy in his 40’s, a hard worker, not a rich guy and he bought this plane with his life savings. I had the chance to fly every day of my life with one of the best gliders ever built for aerobatics”.  What an incredible gift and one you could never imagine would arrive at your doorstep.

You never know the path. You keep the vision clear and make deliberate steps each day toward your goal. Let life intervene and help you as you move. Be alert to the opportunity and accept the gifts with gratitude.

Could you give your life savings to someone like Luca?  I admire and give thanks that people are this loving. I aspire to that level of being.

With Love,