When is a good time to hire a coach?  Great Question…here is a story.

About 4 years ago I was actively working in a business that my wife and I had started way back in 2000. We have a splendid start and soon we had grown to 39 employees working around the world. Our company had millions of dollars of revenue each year and things were growing. We had invested our inheritance in a new software product and life was really blossoming.

Then came the recession!  We lost a lot of contracts and soon we had to scramble to find work for our employees. Some work was found but most of our employees were skilled in other areas and we lost most of them. The work we were doing was not something we liked but it was bringing in some money. Going to work became a chore not a joy.

This is a challenging spot to be in. As the work got more demanding we became clearer that this was not fun!  No longer did we see growth and creativity in consulting. Now we saw bickering clients and employees who were overworked and underpaid. We wanted out!

Here is where a coach can help. Where do I go? What do I do now?

I was getting tired of treading water and no lifeguard in sight!  In the end and after a few false starts, I found a coach and mentor that led me back to work I loved. Someone to hold my hand, show me I am ok and get me back on dry land. I did invest a lot of time and money…but you know what?  It was worth every penny! I viewed my coach as an investment. You invest when you expect to get your money back and more! What better investment than in yourself!

Rather than find “ok” work that got me by, I found a new passion with her help. I connected to a wonderful group of people that shared my passion. Financially it started out as a drain but investment knows the money is coming back with a return.  My bank account is growing.

People can be successful to a point doing things they don’t love. You have done it, I am sure. But, you can only force your mind and body so far. If you really want to find out what you are capable of, then find a coach. They offer guidance, resources and will  cheer you on as you connect to your passion. My phrase for this is “learning to FLY HIGH!”

Often it is as easy as calling and talking. You will know right away when you connect to someone of like mind.

Laura Meeks, Fly High Living, 888-666-1570 direct to me.