Sometimes when I start down a new path I am greeted by this question from those around me. I guess it is meant to get me to question the path that I am on? The question alludes to the idea that you could be drugged into a false belief by a cult leader. It implies I have lost my compass. With the best intentions and a bit of humor they are asking “are you crazy?”

I do try a lot of new things and often they may seem a bit unorthodox. Perhaps my friends think that I am easily duped by a new guru or some weird cult. Really?  They have known me for a long time and they have seen the success that I have.  Do they really think I am heading in the wrong direction?

I was pondering this issue and here are some thoughts on the issue.

Most people don’t like change. Any change that I make might require my friends to question and reflect on what they are NOT doing. Perhaps that makes them uncomfortable?

So here is the test. I have three paths to choose from: paths A, B and C. I ask my friends which path I should take.

Should I take path A?  Someone in the group says no!

Should I take path B?  Someone in the group says no!

Should I take path C?  Someone in the group says no!

See the problem?  Now what should I do? The most common answer is what all your friends do: NOTHING!  You see the safe answer is to do nothing because there is always someone that will tell you that the path you chose is the wrong path.

If you have not thought about it, “no” is always a safe answer when asked for advice! If you do the thing I said not to do and it goes badly: I told you so! You should have listened to me.

If you do it anyway and it works, you win and you are happy. I was wrong but you don’t hold it against me. In both cases, I am ok telling you “no”.

The way out of this box canyon is to choose what is best for you!  Listen to your heart! Your intuition, your gut, or your spirit will guide you. If you think about your decision and you are energized it is the right direction. You can be scared and probably will be. Change in new and different. Fear is not showing you the path ahead. It can only stop you.

Your path ahead is guided by you internal compass. Do what your heart tells you is good for you! It is your compass.