One day Ms. Nelson, a 5th grade teacher, was giving a lesson on imagination. What she would do was hold an item behind her back, give a few descriptions of the item, and ask the kids to guess what it was.
First she said to the children “I have something long and yellow behind my back.” The kids suggested a pencil. Ms. Nelson said “no, i’m holding a banana, but I like you all’s imagination.
Next she said” I have something round and red”. Little Johnny stood up and guessed it was a ball. Ms. Nelson told Johnny it was an apple but she liked Johnny’s imagination.

Johnny had an idea. Let’s see if you can use your imagination Ms. Nelson?  Ok, she said.

Johnny said “I have something in my pocket that’s warm and it has a head on it. Can you imagine what it is?

Well Ms. Nelson got really upset and told Johnny he was to go to the principal’s office for being so dirty minded.
Little Johnny then said,” No, Ms. Nelson, it’s a quarter, but I LIKE YOU’RE IMAGINATION!!!


As a pilot, we use simulators and our imagination to test out future scenarios that might be too dangerous to try in a real airplane.

Our mind is our simulator of our life and we can use this power to imagine the future in any way we like.

You already are experts at this even though you might not realize it.

Have any of you every worried about something?  Ok, I see you all raising your hands. Of course you have. We all do.

So what is worry? That is you imagining the future and you are experts at it. You can imagine the job interview going wrong and your mother in law saying something to you. You can imagine what it will feel like on stage in front of all those people. You can imagine how your car is going to breakdown on the freeway and you can easily imagine the traffic on the way to work.

Like I say, you are all experts in imagination. The only challenge is you have spent a lifetime imagining the worst. In fact we all have said it!

What is the worst that can happen!  Wow…true?

All I need to share with “you experts” is how to change the channel on your worry-o-meter.

I want you to say this:

What is the best I can imagine?

What is the best I can imagine!

Set your intention each morning when you get up.

I plan on having a great day. I plan on letting comments roll off my back. I plan on a smooth ride to the office. I plan on saying “I love you” to my spouse and kids. I plan on a sunny day even if there are clouds.

Imagine what life would be like if all your ideas worked out. Live each day as if they do!

Expect the best. Use your imagination! That is what it is for!

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