Dead End? Bored?

Dead End? Bored?

Dead End? Bored?

After spending years building our consulting company, we found ourselves in a spot where the work we loved was lost. Changes in government spending cancelled the program we were passionate about.  With employees waiting for work, we scrambled and got into another line of government work. It brought in money for awhile but without the passion, it was just work. Slowly we started losing contracts and failed to win new bids. Passion was lost and so was I.



Thankfully  I found some new friends and a new spiritual center. I credit one of the classes I took for awakening my dreams. With the appearance of life closing in and money draining away, I was creating my own hell by constantly going over the pending catastrophe in my mind. I then learned I have control of my thoughts!  Why was that news?   I am not sure, but once I paid attention to what and how I was thinking I could then imagine a vocation that would be fun and exciting. Now I am working toward that new goal.

I find lots of people get boxed in by life and their thinking. You have choices and I find thinking about my dreams tons more fun that pondering catastrophe! Find your dreams and reignite your passion.

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