Do you feel like time is running out and you are not sure if you fulfilled your purpose in life? Are you battling weight for another year? Do you feel the call to do something so much more fun and exciting but you are just not sure which way to go? I have felt this way many times and still do over certain issues.

Life is filled with chances to start over and try again. What I have found is that the more history I have to draw on, the easier it is for me to convince myself that “it’s ok”, “don’t worry about it”, “slow and easy is healthier”. But you know what, I still feel like I want to change.
Truth is we all can make a change but perhaps what is not clear is we need to decide, internally, for ourselves. We need to choose a path and go down it without looking back. We need to be committed.

When you make a choice and find yourself saying something like “I am going to find a new job that uses my talents but if I don’t find it soon, I will stay here for another year”? Can you see the problem? You are not committed.

Last year I saw a wonderful movie called “The Walk”. It is a movie about Philippe Petit, a wirewalker. The movie documents a real life event where Philippe snuck up to the top of the Twin Towers in New York just as they were being completed in 1974 and strung a wire between the top of the two towers. Early on the morning of August 7, 1974 he stepped out on the wire standing 1350 feet above New York City and successfully walked between the two towers. That alone was magnificent but what happened next was amazing.

After going across once, he turned around and spent 45 minutes on the wire. At one time, he laid down on his back, looking up at the sky…smiling! Why? Because he was a wirewalker. That was not what he did but rather WHO he was!

He stated that when he took his foot off the building and was standing on the wire that the world shrank down to just the wire and himself. As he stood on the wire he was joyful, happy, and ALIVE! He was totally committed and walked without a safety net or strap. It was all or none, life or death.

So how do you approach a change to your life? Are you committed to something or do you always have a back door, a way out, a second choice, a plan B? Perhaps that is why change is so slow for you?

You can’t be a wirewalker with one foot on the building!

Last night I was in a class and a member was telling us about finding a new job as a photographer. Her normal trade was in something else but she had always had a camera around her neck and wanted to be a photographer. Using the transformation tools we learned in class she made a bold move and asked for a job as a photographer.

Guess what…she got a job working in Japan for a month as a photographer! But what was revealing was her daughter’s reaction. The daughter was surprised and said she never realized her mom wanted to be a photographer!

Sure her mom always talked about it but she thought it was a fad or a hobby for her mother. The difference was up to this point she was hoping, wishing and trying but always had one foot on the building. Her daughter sensed the lack of commitment in her mother.

Once her mom stepped onto the wire and became “a photographer” the world responded. People became aware and started bringing opportunities her way.

They were now aware she was committed to being a photographer.

So take a look at yourself. Are you trying, testing, and evaluating a change or…. Are you a wirewalker ?