I love music and musicians. To me, they are nearly magicians as they create something from nothing. As I was floating in my pool on this 100+ degree day, I was reading a biography of Carlos Santana. In the midst of the story I found a nugget to share with you.

As the story is told, Carlos is a teen and working on his guitar music. He has the start of a band and they practice at night and play on the weekends. He was living at home and working as a dishwasher at a restaurant in San Francisco called the Tic-Toc. One night while hanging out with some friends, they posed the question which is commonly phrased “what do you want to be when you grow up?”. His friends phrased it differently but you get the point. One kid said he was going to work at the warehouse with his dad and another said he was going to join the Marines (in the 60’s?).  Carlos said he was going to share the stage with his idol, B.B. King!  They, of course, thought he was crazy but to Carlos it seemed achievable. As he says in his book ” I didn’t say I wanted to be B.B. or even be a star like him. I just wanted to be next to him and be able to play with him”.  He later confesses “It wasn’t such a big dream”. He knew he could do more.

So Carlos started down the path to his dream and soon he came to another big revelation and our nugget. He was washing dishes at the Tic Toc when the Grateful Dead pulled up in their limo. He watched them enter the restaurant from his washing station and came to a realization that he was not 100% committed to his goal. He could see they were. He decided in that moment,  “I had to take the whole plunge- music had  to be my 100%, my full-time thing. My office and my home. My eight days a week, as the Beatles said.”

Soon after this event he quit his job and moved in with two of his band mates. They chose to be 100% and the rest is history.

I believe that you are here for a purpose and that you are reading this now for a reason. What do you love? What is your passion?  Are you dabbling in your passion as a weekend hobby or are you 100%?

We only get one life, right?  Will you sail your ship into the doldrums and wait to die where there is no wind but it is safe? Or will you steer your ship for the storm and go for your dream?  You know, nobody gets out of this alive 🙂 . You might as well have fun while you are here!

Here is a bonus nugget. At his young age he realized “Who you are going to be decides what you are going to do, and what you’re going to do decides what you’re going to be”.  Carlos realized one day that he wanted to give the world “healing” music. The 60’s was filled with turbulence, assassinations, and war. He truly felt his music would help heal those that heard it.  I feel healed and at peace listening to his music. It works for at least one person!

He was on his mission in life. Are you? Who do you want to be?

In peace while having fun,