Am I worthy?

Yes!  Need I say more?

I wish I reached a point in my journey where simple clear truth could be assimilated with a thought. I aspire and will achieve this state of mind one day but for now, I am with the rest of you struggling to learn and understand.

On my desk I have a prayer treatment expressing my perfect expression of my perfect health (and weight). I was sure it would help me reach my goals soon. It seems it takes more than just as realization, an affirmation and thought. It seems to take constant awareness. Creative searching. Some actions?

A constant myth in dream building seems to be the notion that some gifted people get to have dreams but that somehow I am not worthy of my dreams? In the movie “Waynes World” they made fun of this with their mantra “We are not worthy”. This is where the cover photo comes from.

How do we learn to think this? 

I found this online written by Linda Taylor on a TED.COM post:

As we grow we look for others to take care of us. Part of taking care of us includes validating and approving of us. We initially look to our parents and family and move on to peers, friends and spouses. We may work hard to please them to have them validate our worth.

But some of us have sought to get everyone’s approval and drove ourselves nuts. Then we think, why am I doing this?

It takes a little soul searching and some growing up, but some of us figure out it is not what others think about us that is important. It is what we think of ourselves. If we think we are second, so will everyone else. Then we think, who really cares?

It is at that point, when you can let go of what other people think and say about you, that you find true validation and worth. It is not some lightning rod awakening, but it is an awakening none the less. Takes time and work and effort but it is well worth it (pun intended).


She sums it up well. We are trained by parents, friends, and then school that your worth is based on conforming to the mold. Get good grades, attend the right parties, get into the best schools, learn to please those people around you.  But this path contains the hidden shackles that stop our progress. Once you realize that you have been trained, you can change. You can unlock the shackles.

You are here and inside you are wonderful dreams and passions. You have all the resources you need to live your dream yet your own mind holds the keys to your shackles. You must find the keys and release yourself.

You are as worthy as any one of us. You have talents, skills and gifts that nobody else on this planet can give. You have lived a path and had experiences that nobody else has experienced. Find your path and release your gifts. Here is a clue: follow your dreams. Find your passion. With your passion comes boundless energy and excitement. It releases your gifts.

I know what you are saying to yourself. I don’t have the education, the sponsors, the time, the location…I hear you.  But the reality is that you have all you need if you learn how to use what you have. The world is filled with examples. Remember Susan Boyle in England?  She was an unemployed daughter of a mine worker. She had very little education and grew up with a learning disability.  When she came out on the X Factor stage in a singing competition she looked unimpressive. But her voice changed everyone’s mind! Awesome. Find her on YouTube and it will bring tears to your eyes. She gets a standing ovation!  Wonderful. She has gone on to record multiple albums of music.

You are alive and you are worthy. Wake yourself up. Release your shackles and bring the world your gifts.

With Love,