The power of meditation is well known but if you were like me, who had time?  How do you sit is such a weird position? Do you have to chant “oohhmm”?

Hopefully you realize that none of this is critical to meditation. I find that my key goal is to stop what I call the “monkey mind” .  I am sure we all have sat up at night trying to get to sleep only to find your mind running through the list of things you need to do tomorrow.  Many use tactics that are less than healthy and lead to bigger issues. Drinking alcohol is by far the most frequent drug taken to stop the monkey mind.

Meditation holds the cure and has  positive benefits as well. I included a nice graphic of all the great benefits beyond stopping the monkey mind. Less anxiety and depression, increased energy, and reduction of stress are all great benefits.

Realize that meditation is just one “really helpful” tool to have at your disposal. It does not fix your problems, solve your addictions, or help you win the lottery directly. What it does is allows your creative mind some time to communicate with you. It can block the worry, the guilt, the anxiety and the stress long enough for your creative mind to help you solve your real issues. It offers a space for creative thoughts to flow in. Your body knows how to fix itself if you let it work. Meditation is one tool or technique to allow the positive world a chance to be heard.

There are many forms of meditation and I find that some work better than others for me. I like guided meditations as the story line keeps me involved. I also do well with specific music styles. I am very responsive to sacred drums or native drum music. I also love the hang drum. There are many great clips of hang drum music on Spotify and YouTube. A favorite of mine is an album called “Flow” by Daniel Waples and James Winstanley.  The music is distracting enough that my mind listens to the music and my daily lists and worries fade away for awhile. Sometimes that is all you need to rest.

I live with a lot of pets and they sometimes get me up at night and I can’t get back to sleep. If I find myself laying in bed “trying” to get back to sleep I choose to sit in a comfortable chair and listen to hang drum music. It usually will distract me within the next 20-30  minutes to a point that I can go to sleep. I find the meditation allows me to be in gratitude and comfort which makes the little sleep I have left much more productive.

I recently found the attached meditation to be very helpful. The meditation is for healing and the technique of inhaling and exhaling with purpose has worked wonders with my allergies. I am not cured (yet) but I do find I need drugs less often since I have started this practice.

Enjoy and  good health,


You can download your meditation on Health and Healing hereWendy Crews